Tuesday, April 17, 2012

final visual project

I am thinking about doing two smaller projects one within a group the other alone relating to two different topics we had to choose from.

Relation aesthetics:
Working with Shannon and Will
using four different types of food or drink and placing them in the four corners of the room, remove labels from these items and relabel them with something that has a bad conotation. Most likely an ingredient within them that is bad for you or is seen as bad. For example putting candy in one corner and placing the label "corn syrup" this word has a bad connotation. This is to see what people decide to eat/drink due to the label but also due to peer pressure. Will more people go to one corner because all their classmates are there? No matter what the substance is? Or will people go on their own and sit back down at their seat and not socialize.
will people follow our lead and only drink/eat what we do, presuming it is safe?

When I think of globalism I think of campaigns for change also social networking and the roots of it. The roots being the material and physical movement of a object around a space, breaking out of its original site. I had the idea to create logos in support of a made up movement for example I would do "Save those who can't save themselves". I would create a logo for this and print it on little pieces of paper or make stickers and give multiples of them to people to hand out and place wherever they would like. I would see the spread throughout campus and maybe even further. Also, creating a jpeg of the logo and posting it on Faceboook asking it to be shared and following it to see how far it stretches over the social network. Then I would document this with photos and screen shots.

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