Thursday, April 26, 2012

About my project

My project is related to Okwua Enwezor's The Black box, in this reading it states "representation of nearness as the dominant mode of understanding the present condition of globalism". To me globalism is this "nearness" created by the world wide web as well as the social networking sites within it, this includes facebook. I created a public Facebook event that asked people to post what animal they would save, within these posting I could see just how far my event had stretched globally.  My even stretched from SMCM to Arizona up to Canada, and over to France and Israel, and people of all ages also posted. Then I am placing a real live turtle on the printed out project, he embodies the real being, the real animal, and he will walk around the presented board with chalk duct laid out on the countries connected with, to represent the lines broken by social media. There is also hand written locations of those who posted, to show physically where each post connected to.

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