Tuesday, March 6, 2012

visual two ideas

I want to create an installation inspired by Bachelard's the poetics of space. I want to base my stye, if possible, off an idea from last semester. Billy taught us in my experimental media class how to transfer images onto objects. I want to create an installation of common household objects that have transferred images, of what I feel is home. Photos of things that remind me of home and furthermore what I miss from home when I am at school. (pets, sister, moms artwork, piano, stuffed animal, dock, dirt roads, sunsets, moms food)

I pulled a few ideas and quotes out of the reading that I am thinking about and building off of.
- protection and safe house
- even in the richest places you must find the original shell
- home is not an experience from day to day only
- travel to the land of emotionless childhood.

I believe photography is the best medium because not only is it a clear depiction on reality and what is in front of the camera. In the reading it talks about how memories are motionless. A photo is also a still form of art, yes you can depict motion within a photo but the simplicity of ink on paper, or other ways, is motionlesss.

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