Thursday, March 29, 2012

visual project 2 reflection

I chose to base my visual project off of Gaston Bachelard and the reading The Poetics of Space, because I wanted to construst an installation for this project in response to his theory of home. In the reading Bachelard talks about our memories and day dreams of home, how we come back to our past lives in our day dreams, that these memories are motionless times fixed in space and "dispersed images". He describes a home as a safe house, that "The house protects the dreamer", and that even the richest of homes you must find the original shell. To respond to this I chose six images from my home, these images of the things I miss while I am away, some are very literal and others more figurative, these are the things I day dream about. I chose to place them on wood because as Bachelard says, homes still have an original shell, wood.

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